Sterilization Monitors

Sterilization Monitors

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Crosstex Confirm 10 Dry Block Incubator

A breakthrough in biological monitoring...results in just 10 hours! Now you can meet daily biologica..


Crosstex Confirm 10 In-Office Biological Indicators

The Confirm 10 system meets biological monitoring guidelines for steam sterilizers in just 10 hours!..


Crosstex Confirm 24 In-Office Biological Indicators

Easy to use and interpret. . . results in just 24 hours! Simply process vial in a normal sterilizer..


Crosstex SporView SPS 24 Biological Indicators

Crosstex SporView® Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBIs) for monitoring steam sterilization c..


Crosstex STEAMPlus Type 5 Steam Integrators

Used with steam sterilization cycles to provide a definitive pass or fail result - allowing for the ..


Crosstex Sure-Check Indicator Strips

Use regularly inside sterilization packaging such as pouches, tubing, autoclave bags, CSR wraps. Pro..


EZTest (EZS/5) Biological Indicators

EZTest capsules are self-contained biological indicators designed specifically for biological testin..


EZTest Smart-Read Biological Indicators

EZTest Smart-Read capsules are self-contained biological indicators designed specifically for biolog..


3M Comply Bowie-Dick Test Pack

3M Comply Bowie-Dick Test Pack. Detects residual air in the sterilizer due to air removal failures. ..


3M Comply Indicator Strips

Use 3M™ Comply™ Steam Chemical Indicator Strips as an internal pack process indicator to verify expo..

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